Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The observatory of the victims of migration towards Europe


DECEMBER 2007 REPORT- Another month of tragedies: 243 migrants and refugees died trying to reach EU: 120 drowned in the Aegean, 96 off Canary, 17 along the Algerian coasts and 10 off the French island of Mayotte. At least 1,861 victims in 2007, they had been 2,088 in 2006, but the number of arrivals is clearly decreasing. Great concern over the agreement for the joint patrols signed by Italy and Libya. In the meanwhile, as the Schengen area enlarged to east, new wall are built along EU eastern borders. Online exclusive Frontex official documents with the draft budget of the agency and the complete list of its activities [...]


A very important documentary, made by Human Rights Concern Eritrea, with the interview of 4 Eritrean refugees who were deported from Malta in 2002 and were tortured for years once they landed back in Eritrea. Someone has been killed. Who survived denounce what happened. It’s very important to show it in this moment, as Italy has just signed, the 29th December 2007, an agreement with Libya in order to return in Libya all migrants who'll be intercepted in Libyan waters from now on. In 2006 more than 2.500 Eritrean refugees entered in Italy from Lampedusa. And the 60% of the about 10.000 application for asylum in Italy were made by migrants who reached our Country transiting in Libya, via the sea

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